Managed Services Provider

This service is marketed for small businesses who want to ensure their IT needs are taken care of, but do not need a full time IT person on staff. Prices are based on the number of supported users/devices you request.

Services such as remote system/network monitoring, remote technical support, malware protection and general help desk needs are all part of the managed service package.

We currently partner with Sophos and TeamViewer to provide a security stack that can be tailored to best fit your needs! We also will process your help requests through our ticketing system. You’ll receive an automatic response when submitting a ticket and the response time will be guided by the SLA (service level agreement).

E-Commerce & Point of Sale Solutions

Is your small business ready to expand in to the online sales world? Creating a E-Commerce site can be done within minutes! Programming all of the back end functions, SEO, analytics and the other caveats of the site can be a bit overwhelming! Let me help you get up and running with my partner program with Shift4Shop. This service ties in E-commerce, Point Of Sale Software, Merchant Services and many other tools that will help your business succeed!

Shift4Shop also has a large selection for Point Of Sale Solutions. Tablets, Custom Point of Sale hardware, phone applications, chip readers and more can all be provided through my partner with them. Contact me for more information with this partnership!

Security & Smart Home Solutions

Security can be defined in all sorts of ways. Do you want to secure your IT environment from bad actors? Would you like Cameras and Intrusion detection systems installed to keep an eye out and protect your business? We can provide you with an abundance of security solutions that will keep your data and your property protected.

Smart Homes are becoming increasingly popular. Control appliances, lights, window blinds, music and many other devices with voice commands! Alexa, Google Home, Phillips Hue and various other devices all can provide quick access to information or to allow you control via voice over numerous devices.

With smart home technologies installed, you can tell Alexa to start your morning brew and to tell you what today’s weather will be.

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