Cyber Security Brief

White House Cyber Security Briefing

The White house has released a briefing on the steps your business should have already taken to protect itself from bad actors!

If you look at these steps and convert them to checkboxes…how many does your business actually do? If you are missing some boxes, Tech Tyler PC Can help shore up those misses and ensure that your business is protected.

I always say that it is a matter of “when”, not “If” you are going to be attacked. It is business critical that you have a plan in place to recover from an attack and a robust defense for the day to day attempts on bad actors attempting to compromise your data.

Tech Tyler offers a wide range of solutions that are effective and affordable for any IT budget you may be working with. We work with a wide array of vendors, partners and experts to strengthen your business’ defenses and give you the ability to recover from an attack quickly.

The majority of bad actors look at small businesses to victimize as they typically lack in cyber security and awareness. A great article from Microsoft lays out why these cyber criminals target small businesses and what you can do to try and minimize your attack vector. See the article here: What small businesses need to know about cybersecurity (

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