Cost Effective PC’s for Lab Environments!

I have been upgrading our labs and came across a fantastic product by Minix PC. I have implemented over 50 of these devices in my public facing labs and have had no issues at this time!

I am using their Minix Z83-4 Plus model currently. It comes with Intel X5-Z8350 (64-bit) CPU, 4GB of DDR3L memory, 64GB eMMC 5.0 Storage capacity, built in Wi-Fi and a windows 10 Pro License! All wrapped up for an astonishing price of $239.90.

The best feature that I like about this product is that it comes with a cage that you can mount to the back of any VESA compatible monitor. It creates the illusion of an all in one PC, but none of the painful repair experiences those devices can bring.

All together, I can build a lab computer for an average cost of $350. When I was tasked with replacing 80+ lab computers and to stick within a certain budget, this was the best value I could find on today’s market.

I am able to join these to our Azure Environment and control them through our Intune Management Portal. The CPU and memory capacity are well within the requirements of a basic end user needing access to a simple web browser to check e-mail or complete job search activities.

If you want to check out these products, you can visit or find them listed for sale on amazon!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, lightweight machine for a light weight user this is the one to go with!

Minix PC Referral Link:

Sceptre Monitor:

Viewsonic Monitor:

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